Laptop battery repair 





To repair laptop battery you have to replace cells and to reset battery EEPROM . Cells replacement is easy and can be made by any technician with a spot welder. But EEPROM fixing is very complicated  and can be made only by  person with special skills and equipment.


Battery EEPROM Works makes this  easy as 1-2-3. Technician needs just to connect EEPROM chip and to press a button. All other work is made by the software. Laptop battery data will look like a brand new. Full Charge Capacity will reflect real cells capacity. Cycles Count will be set to zero. Manufacturer Date will be changed to current system date. Permanent Failure Flag will be cleared and many other changes will be made too. Battery EEPROM Works supports a lot of laptop batteries of different manufacturers.

Generally the process looks as follow:

1.Connect battery to adapter.
2. Read battery data (Read battery data button)
3. Read chip (press Read chip button)
4.Reset chip (Reset (Calibrate) button)

Main features

Supported chips

Supported MCU chips:
BQ2040, BQ2060, BQ2063, BQ2092, BQ8011,
BQ8012, PIC16C63A, M37515, M37516,
AS3XXD, MAX1780, NT1908, PS331

Supported external EEPROM chips used
with MCU chips listed above:
24C01, 24C02, 24C04 (24C046), 25LC040,
S29190A, S29220A (93C56), 93C56, 93C66,
93C76, S29194A, S29394A, AK93C45A, AK6440A,
AK6480A, M95640, BR9040.

Supported chips with integrated Data Flash:

Texas Instruments: 

BQ2083, BQ2084, BQ20845, BQ2085, BQ8020,
BQ20Z40, BQ20Z45, BQ20Z60, BQ20Z65,
BQ20Z70,BQ20Z75,BQ20Z701, BQ20Z704,
BQ20Z80, BQ20Z90, BQ20Z95, BQ20695,
BQ20857, BQ20870, BQ20889,BQ20Z451 (Apple),
BQ20Z955(Acer), BQ20869(SDI), BQ20870,

BQ30Z55, BQ30Z551, BQ30Z554, BQ30421,
BQ30695A, BQ30422, BQ30420, BQ3050,BQ30423б  BQ3060 (Sanyo)

BQ40320, BQ40Z5xx, BQ40Z695, BQ40370

BQ80201, BQ8030 (Sony, Sanyo), BQ8050,
BQ8055 (Sanyo, Sony), BQ8055A (Sanyo)


SN80306 (LGC), SN8765 (Sanyo), SN8030 (SMP, LGC),  SN80305 

M37512 (Sony, Sanyo, SDI, LGC),
R2J240 (Sony, Sanyo, SDI, LGC), 51F51 (LGC),
R2J24051(LGC), R2J240DELLSDI10F50,

MAX1781 (Panasonic, SMP, SDI, STL),  MAX1786,
MAX1786A (Panasonic), MAX1788 (SDI),
MAX1789 (Asus), MAX1785 (Panasonic),
MAX1787 (Panasonic) MAX17817 (HP)

BM3318, NT1908, A2170, A2169, A2168, MEGA406(Asus)

Versions history

5.79 03.03.2024

Support for Apple BQ20Z451 with f/w higher then 5.00

Apple BQ20Z451 

5.78 26.02.2024

MAX17817 (Hewlett-Packard) added.

MAX17817 reset 

5.76 09.12.2023

New firmware for BQ40Z555 added.

New firmware for 45A20 added.

5.75 08.12.2023

Custom battery addresses added.

Bugs fixed.

5.74 28.10.2023

Bugs fixed.

5.65 28.06.2022

Chips added: 045A20, BQ9000

New firmware for BQ40370

5.62 24.05.2022

Chips added: MEGA406

5.58 20.05.2022

Chips added: BQ40Z551, BQ40Z695, BQ40370

Bugs fixed.

5.57 18.05.2022

New firmware for R2J240

Chips added: BQ40Z50, BQ40Z555, BQ40Z556, A2168, A2169, A2170

Bugs fixed.

5.56 15.04.2022

New firmware for M37512

Chips added: BQ30Z551, BQ30Z554

New passwords for BQ30Z55x

Bugs fixed.

5.54 27.03.2022

New firmware for BQ8050, BQ20Z70

Chips added: MAX1785 Panasonic, MAX1787 Panasonic, R2J240DELLSDI10F50

5.51 11.06.2021

New firmware for BQ8050, BQ8030, BQ20Z70.

BQ40320 added.

New passwords for BQ30Z55.

5.44 15.11.2020

New firmware for BQ8055

Added BQ30423 and SN80305

New firmware for BQ8030

5.43 01.11.2020

New passwords and firmware for BQ30Z55

Added BQ30Z551 and BQ30Z554

5.41 29.05.2020

Versions 5.38-5.41 bugs fixing.

5.37 03.03.2020

SONY firmware for BQ8030 added

SDI firmware for BQ20Z955 added

5.36 28.02.2020

LGC firmware for R2J240 added

Some bugs fixed.

5.35 23.02.2020

BQ3050 added

Passwords for BQ30Z55 added

5.30 01.10.2019

New firmware for BQ20857 added

Passwords for BQ30Z55 added

5.29 30.09.2019

BQ20870 added

Passwords for NT1908 added

5.28 28.09.2019

BQ20857 added

Minor bugs fixed

5.25 09.05.2019

BQ20695 added.

5.24 05.05.2019

BQ30695A added.

5.23 28.04.2019

BQ30421 added.

5.21 21.04.2019

New firmware fo BQ30Z55

5.20 19.04.2019

New firmware fo BQ30Z55

5.15 03.03.2019

New firmware fo MAX1786 and MAX1786A

5.14 19.02.2019

Minor bugs fixing.

5.13 24.01.2019

Added new firmware for BQ8050 and BQ8030.

5.12 16.12.2018

Support fo R2J24051 (LGC)

Support for BQ8055A (Sanyo)

Firmware 11-85 for BQ8050 HP

5.11 27.11.2018

Support for Sony BPS24 batteries with BQ8050 chip

5.10 26.10.2018

Programing NT1908 via battery terminal.

5.08 25.10.2018

Support for Sony batteries with BQ8050 chip

5.07 23.10.2018

Support for BM3318

5.06 22.10.2018

Support for 51F51 (LGC).

5.04 21.10.2018

Support for DELL(Sanyo) BQ8050 added.

5.03 20.10.2018

Support for Lenovo(Sanyo) BQ8055 added.

5.01 17.10.2018

Programing BQ2060 via battery terminals implemented.

5.00 26.09.2018

New version Boracay released

Chips added:

BQ8050 Sanyo

BQ8055 Sanyo

MAX1781 Panasonic, SMP, SDI

MAX1786 Panasonic

MAX1786A Panasonic


MAX1789 Asus

BQ3060 Sanyo

BQ80306 LGC

SN8765 Sanyo

External EEPROM support with CP2112 adapter.

New firmware for BQ8030, M37512, R2J240 added.