CP2112 with integrated power source

Price: $40

Free worldwide shipping

Contact : be2support@gmail.com 

No any additional power source needed. Output voltage 5V-17V. Current is limited with several tens of milliampers so battery PCB is protected. Connection example.

Full version 5.xx (Boracay). Lifetime license for 1 PC

Full version with no limitations. All 5.xx updates are free.

Price: $350

Additional license key to use the software on more then 1 PC.

Price: $200 for each additional PC

Contact: be2support@gmail.com 

For Bohol owners migration to Boracay.

Price: $150

Contact: be2support@gmail.com 

Reset number of activations to zero.

Price: $50

Contact: be2support@gmail.com 

Remote reset for all chips using CP2112 adapter and AnyDesk.

Price: $15

Contact:  be2support@gmail.com