Some  batteries can be fixed  with connecting 3  pins of M37512.
You need to connect pins 12, 9 and 43 of M37512 together:
Connect power.
Read the chip. Battery data (left window) can't be read in this mode. Save the dump.
If led D turned to green then enter FCC value and press Reset button.
Remove power. Disconnect pins 12, 9 and 43 and connect power again

Read battery data.

If you can read the chip but led D doesn't turn to green then send battery data and dump to us for exploration.

Total dump size is 53248 bytes.

Dump structure:
Block B offset = 0000h /Dynamic battery data
Block A offset = 0800h /Dynamic battery data
Block 3 offset = 1000h /Program area
Block 2 offset = 5000h /Program area
Block 1 offset = 9000h /Static battery data
Block 0 offset = B000h /Program area