Full version works with CP2112 adapter only.
Demo version also works with TI adapters USB to GPIO, EV2300 and EV2400

This adapter supports all BE2Works functionality. Best for BE2Works. No limitations.
Also you can use chinese adapter similar to this but without integrated power source.

GPIO pins assignment.

2 - DO
3 - CS ( aso is used in Battery Analyzer to turn load off)
4 - SK
5 - DI
6 - WC

 External EEPROM connection

Connections of EEPROM chips are shown here.

Socket P1 is used to connect 24C0X chips, P4 is used to connect 25LC040 and M95640. Other supported chips must be connected to sockets P2 or P3 depending on package. The fastest way to find the right socket (P2 or P3)is just to try to read the chip.